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At Sustainable Futures, we see an opportunity to connect equitable progress with economic and environmental justice. According to the 2021 U.S. Energy and Employment report, Georgia leads the country in the growth of clean energy jobs, including a 2.21% increase during the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, Atlanta, GA, ranked as one of the worst regions for income inequality. The median household income for a white family in the city is $83,722, compared to $28,105 for a Black family in Atlanta. Meanwhile, Georgia leads the southeast in environmental energy job growth, while BIPOC is locked out of this growing green economy. BIPOC and disadvantaged communities across Georgia are disproportionately affected by climate change, environmental climate injustice and energy disparities. However, when it comes to climate-sustaining jobs, the environmental energy workforce and frontline communities dealing with these climate crises, communities of color are often muted. At SF, we will create opportunities for communities of color to build power and impact climate change through economic advancement. 

Our Mission 

Sustainable Futures seeks to address two of our nation’s crises: climate change and systemic racism. We will address these crises by creating viable pathways for communities of color, especially Black communities, to access jobs in the growing green economy. 

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